Sarah Silverman’s Solution To Voter ID Laws, AKA Suppression, Arm Your Granny!

Comedian Sarah Silverman Mocks Voter ID Laws With 2012 Election PSA Against Voter Suppression,Arm Your Granny

Republicans can barely keep a straight face when they claim that stricter Voter ID laws will hold back the scourge of voter fraud. Please note: At an average of one alleged case per year, there are more UFO and unicorn sightings than genuine voter fraud attempts.
Sarah finds that it is the elderly, the poor, blacks, veterans and students who are most affected by the unnecessary and transparent law…But don’t despair.

There is a way around this attempt to keep throngs of possible Obama voters home, and Sarah has the solution to Republican Voter Suppression!  It turns out that there is one form of picture ID that is ridiculously easy to obtain in this country, and all of you who are frustrated because your ID isn’t sufficient, need to see the website below and get yourself an easy and foolproof form of picture ID!