Seamus Romney SPEAKS thru Lewis Black in ‘Dog on the Roof’ trailer

Mitt Romney must have thought his anecdotes of a cross-country trip with the family would be endearing, a folksy story including a humorous reference to the family dog!  Instead, the story of the harrowing 2,000 miles atop the family wagon, endured by sick and soaked  Seamus has stirred enmity in the hearts of animal lovers everywhere!

NPR writers (IOW commies) Bruce Kluger and David Slavin  describe the trip through the mind of Seamus in their new book ‘Dog on the Roof.’  Who could possibly lend voice to Seamus better than the lovable and already irritated Lewis Black?  Seamus has a unique perspective on the White House-hunting, glory-seeking Romney, whose goal is for picnicking tourists to eat off of his face – on Mount Rushmore. Expect plenty of other barbed WTF moments from the queasy family dog. On a serious note: I have it on good authority that Seamus ran away so often after this trip that he was given to a family friend.  This dog was no dummy.  Fool me once – I won’t get a cold hose enema while tied tied atop the car again.   Romney: “But he always enjoyed it!”

seamus on the roof