Sean Spicer Rewrites the Holocaust – John Oliver video

Sean Spicer Rewrites the Holocaust - John Oliver video

John Oliver’s first clip commemorates the spectacular moment this week when Sean Spicer tried to explain that Assad had used chemical weapons on his own people. It is  not a difficult thing to explain, but it is extremely difficult to explain it this badly…Unless you hail from Trump’s White House, where general knowledge and research went out with the Obama administration.

As you’re undoubtedly aware, Spicer first decried the use of chemical weapons,by citing Assad as the biggest boogey man in history. Spicer educated the world, by hearkening back to World War 2, saying: “We had someone as despicable as Hitler who did not use chemical weapons.”  John points out: “Everybody knows, mass chemical extermination was – kind of, Hitler’s thing. You take away the mustache and all you’ve got is an ill-tempered Austrian with resting bitch face.” 

Spicer’s subsequent attempts to get back on track – are almost sad. In one message Spicer coined the term ‘Holocaust Centers’ – which John points out, sound like the name of a hockey arena for an alt right team.  And yet, Spicer did not give up – watch as he marches into the speechifying swamp, flags flying.