Second Amendment Fails & Bloopers For Gun Appreciation Day Celebration Video

Second amendment fails and bloopers  Happy  Gun AppreciationDay  Video

..,,,….Happy Gun Appreciation Day – and about time! If there is one thing that is under appreciated in the U.S. it is guns. YAY U.S.A. We’re still Number One –  in something!  In this video you’ll see a cross-section of gun-using Red Blooded ‘Mericans…Many of whom are on their arses, ‘Quite a kick, Delbert!’  Others, like the gun safety expert shown first, should give pause to those who support arming school counselors. Not least is the tough talkin’ white suburban ‘gangsta’ whose mom’s gonna kill him! Oh, and Uncle Billy? A BOOK might not be the best camouflage in which to hide a Derringer in your crib…I’m just saying.

Facts and figures aren’t important, people are, as evidenced by the timing of  ‘Appreciation Day…But let’s look at a few anyway.  We have more guns and related deaths per capita than any other country in the world, at 88.8 guns per 100K people – officially. If those loser countries get NRA funding, perhaps their lawmakers will soon see the light, and we’ll have some company at the top?

  • I’m afraid the answer may be ‘infinity’ although I’m no math whiz, and don’t run in those circles intentionally, but I’ve seen far too many of ’em with my own eyes.

  • Teddy Bear

    If these folks were so stupid to 1. Do what they did, and 2. Have someone video it, and 3. Post the video for the world to see, is the exponent the 3? as in Stupid cubed?
    Also how many more yahoos are there out there, not too dumb to do the same thing, but too dumb to figure out a camera at the same time.
    Just sayin’