Seth Meyers – A Closer Look at Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment Allegations, Trump Unhinged

Seth Meyers - A Closer Look at Matt Lauer Sexual Harrassment Allegations, Trump Unhinged

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the firing of TODAY show host Matt Lauer for sexual harassment, and how Donald Trump is coming increasingly untethered from reality.

Our national reckoning over sexual harassment continues as Matt Lauer joins the growing throng of men accused of – and fired for sexual harassment . Meanwhile, the POTUS brags of numerous instances of his own revolting behavior, much of it settled out of court. Despite all of this, Trump’s ample ass still occupies a chair in the Oval Office. Will someone please call H.R.!

Trump’s rambling non-nonsensical speechifying style, which enables him to cover for his ignorance of any topic while addressing his base, sounds like a malfunctioning robot from a sixties Sci-Fi movie. Having blown a circuit the robot would repeat:’Does not compute.’  Trump on taxes is worse: Massive tax cuts will be rocket fuel. Little Rocket Man is a sick puppy. We’re gonna have a wall! Russia! Russia! Russia!  Merry Christmas! Fake News. Big, beautiful tax cuts. I said I’d bring Christmas Back!