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Seth Meyers Examines Hillary’s Damning Wall Street Speeches!

Seth Meyers Examines Hillary's Damning Wall Street Speeches!

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the recently leaked documents that reveal Hillary’s coziness with big banks, much of which is widely misrepresented by her opponent Donald Trump, who encourages his peeps to show up to vote on November 28th. I mean it, be there!  Trump voters believe everything else he says, this is no time to question him.

As I mentioned, some Wiki links revelations have been skewed  and falsely represented, while others are simply routine emails.  However, Hillary’s ties to Wall Street still pose an obstacle with millennial voters who are so suspicious of big banks that Libertarian Gary Johnson looks reasonable to them, perhaps because he eschews banks, preferring to keep his money in a coffee can buried in the back yard?  No worries though, Clinton’s secret (or unknown) weapon is Al Gore, who will win  millennials over with his patented charisma and – oh boy, this is going to be close after all!

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