Seth Meyer’s Monologue – Trump’s Hanukkah Reception, Starbuck’s ‘Christmas Tree Frappuccino’

Seth Meyer's Monologue - Trump's Hanukkah Reception, Starbuck's 'Christmas Tree Frappuccino'

Seth Meyer’s Thursday monologue touches on Trump’s Hanukkah reception, and Seth suggests that Trump should let us fire him for sexual harassment, it’s working out for Matt Lauer just fine.  Starbuck’s Limited Edition Christmas Tree Frappucino is just the thing for the ‘precident’ who claims that he ‘brought Christmas back.’ The caffeine pushing elves have outdone themselves this year. The seasonal treat consists of coffee enhanced by peppermint syrup and mocha sauce, and it is topped with green whipped cream, candied cranberry, a strawberry and caramel drizzle. Seth notes: “Like a real Christmas tree, anyone who drinks it will be dead by December 25th.”