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Seth Meyers: Rudy Giuliani Says Trump Lied About Stormy Daniels, a Closer Look

Seth Meyers – Rudy Giuliani announced on TV that Trump lied about paying hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Rudy’s tale blows Trump’s version of the story to smithereens. Did I mention that Rudy is Trump’s new attorney, he’s on Trump’s side.
Trump has stolidly maintained that he knew nothing about the $130,000 that passed between his attorney Michael Cohen and Daniels. Trump’s carefully built fantasy was blown to smithereens in mere minutes. See how Trump’s new legal eagle Rudy Giuliani proudly made the case that his new client is a liar. Those who’ve been questioned by Mueller’s team compare it to a three hour colonoscopy. Do you suppose they’ll be more gentle with Rudy? After all, he did gift wrap their case and hand it to them on national TV.


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