SLN Weekend Update, Mother of All Bombs, April 15 2017

SLN Weekend Update, Mother of All Bombs, April 15 2017A week or so ago we sent 60 cruise missiles to an airfield in Syria killing 15 people including four children. At $1.5 million per missile, not counting navy delivery, that is well over $100 million.
This week we dropped the mother of all bombs on Afghanistan killing 94. The bomb cost only $227,000 but cost of airforce delivery lets say half a million bucks.

The other day ISIS set off a car bomb in Aleppo killing 114 refugees.

Christians  109
Muslims     114

Cost for car bomb:

Stolen car – free
Old cell phone – $50
Delivery – free
Old artillery shells – free
Cost per kill – $0.43 per person

Cost of missiles and bombs:

Missiles – $90 million
Bomb – $227,000
Delivery – $10 million

Cost per kill – $1 million per person.

Back in the day many said that American life was worth 10 Vietnam lives. Today we have Muslim lives worth about a million dollars each.

To get rid of them all would be 1.6 billion times a million dollars. Which is a bigly huge amount.