SLUTS and SNOBS respond to Republicans on International Women’s Day, Second City

"I went to school, I speak my mind, I’m responsible for my own behind. I’m a slut." Sing it loud, and sing it proud, sisters!

Second City’s own ‘Reformed Whores’ duet is slutty and they know it! Of course being ‘slutty’ is much more prestigious now that Limbaugh has redefined the word, which was once an insulting pejorative. Limbaugh attacked Sandra Fluke and a female author this week, puzzling aloud,
"What’s with these young, single, white over educated women?" You may safely read ‘Snobs’ & ‘elitists’ into his complaint too. We all know there is nothing worse than an ‘over-educated’ woman!

Imagine the frustration Limbaugh suffers. The hoity toity elitists are not – on the verge of starvation. Therefor the leader of the GOP must travel to the Dominican Republic to find starving and compliant sex partners. Snobby American women inconvenience Rush greatly! Their elitist attitude undoubtedly makes them ‘Lesbian Feminazis’ – another tag all women, straight or lesbian, should wear with pride!