SNL COLD OPEN: Piers Morgan with Lance Armstrong, Manti Teo and Jodie Foster, Janurary 19 2013

snl manti teo

Gosh, I guess this is a sign of our times.  Instead of jumping on board, or even mentioning the biggest news story around, SNL decides to not only make fun of Piers Morgan, who had the guts to take on the crazies in the Gun Lobby, but for the entire 90 minutes entertains us with mindless celebrity crap that means nothing at all.

Perhaps it is fear of death threats from the gun crazies, after all, over the past few weeks we have seen just how angry and stupid those who promote military assault weapons with 40 round clips really are. BEYOND BOZO. But perhaps head writer Seth Meyers is just following Finding Bigfoot and Ancient Astronauts to give us what we most like watching, silly crap. We may be bad at math and science, but we lead the world in knowledge of sports and celebrities. True.