SNL: Donald Trump’s Apprentice Halloween show Promo, biggest ever

SNL: Donald Trump's Apprentice Halloween show Promo, biggest everWe can complain that this vile bastard is a know-nothing incompetent vengeful racist pathological liar, but that misses the point of the most serious matter of his narcissism gone off the rails. Everything, every single thing; polices, issues, politics and culture he always makes only about him. Impeachment won’t work with Republicans controlling congress and an intervention is out of the question for anyone who wants to keep their job or stay in the will.

Trump has about 38% of our ignorant white electorate worshiping him so all he needs is 3% more to win in 2020. So what’s to be done?

Hit Trump and his family ever harder and harder until he has an on screen meltdown and invoke the 25th Amendment seems the best short run option. 

Or VOTE 2018 and take both houses of Congress before he gets another SCOTUS appointment with legacy lasting not 4 more years or 8 more years, but a generation.