SNL, Reverend AL can’t seem to find the camera

And he must be called "Reverend Al!"

But but but… Republicans are Nazis with rocks in their head! 

I love Reverend Al!  He adds that much needed bit of humor and over the top honesty to things. Can’t really make fun of him on issues, but he does have a spotty background and has not yet adjusted to his new job in TV TALK. The country needs a black guy on TV who is not a Right-wing clown like Herman Cain or deathly boring like Travis Smiley.

Occupy Wall Street gets ridiculed for not having a specific issue to present to "slogan loving" Americans. Well it seems Reverend Al has happened upon an issue and is leading the way. 

The Republicans REALLY ARE suppressing the vote. They are making voting HARDER rather than EASIER for Hispanics, African Americans, the poor, the working poor, the working class, the elderly, the infirm and the young. It is estimated that the Republican states who have passed these Voter Suppression Laws will deny 5 million people the vote, the vast majority of whom are Democrats. 

They are reducing the number of days for early voting, the number of places, closing early polls on the weekend before the election, requiring photo IDs which many do not have (40% of black men), and threatening large fines and jail time for 3rd party VOTER REGISTRATION groups if they make a mistake. [The League of Women's Voters in Florida has dropped out over this]. All these Voter Suppression Laws are, the Republicans say, because of voter fraud. THAT DOES NOT EXIST.