SNL Seth Meyers, Crazy 2nd Amendment America

Had our Founding Fathers visited today today they would be most concerned about metal beasts on the highways, flying dragons in the skies and who the Hell let the slaves out! [Just a reminder that the Republican Congress struck that part out of their reading of the Constitution as the also struck out the conservative induced 18th Amendment] Only after their astonishment at big fast metal things would come their astonishment that Benedict Arnold could buy a semi-automatic weapon with a 30 round clip at the feed store.

What Mr Meyers fails to say in all this, is that Republicans will not allow any regulation to magazine size or carry laws.

Of course my advice was not taken in this. Which was… Every TV NEWS reporter from now on must ask every Republican in front of them -  before any other questions are asked -  "What are 30 round magazines for? OTHER than for a nutcake to take out as many people as he can without reloading?" If they cannot come up with one reason other than slippery slopisms, hammer the question home until they do. Civilly of course.

Had we sane civilized gun laws concerning just magazine size in this, instead of 20 down in 31 shots, there would have been 6 down in 10 shots. The math also projects 2 dead rather than 6 dead and perhaps bringing a 9 year old girl back to life. But that is off the table, because civilly speaking Republicans don’t give a rat’s ass. 

  • jim tolonen

    Governments don’t oppress the population with battleships and F-16’s. They have to do it up close and personal if they want to break up meetings and marches. The point is: if the population is armed with effective enough weapons, it never gets to that point in the first place. Oppression is a much less attractive option if it means a fight. And don’t forget, the oppressors in this scenario are our sons and brothers. The government could lose half their army to defection depending on the cause.

  • rack jite

    The constitution referred to ARMS which were capable of shooting only one round every 10 seconds. I am okay with that.
    Oh, you need to over throw the US Army, US Air FOrce and US Navy… Who far to you lead a F 16 with a glock? And how exactly to you shoot a battleship?
    Oh nevermind…

  • jim tolonen

    The right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Constitution, in part, to prevent Government oppression of the population. If anyone doesn’t think governments have a tendency to oppress their citizens they simply are not familiar with human history.

  • Buffy

    I was moderate on this until I read the first man’s comment bragging that 10 round clips are just as dangerous as 30 with skill and practice. In that case, a revolver with 6 shots is just as dangerous, so ya’ll ought to have pea shooters or Super Soakers at most.

  • Muy Groso

    The Republicans and their bedmates the NRA will not allow any gun legislation at all.
    And hey what would Mexcian Drug Lords do without the US access to assault rifles and 30 round chilps, and we all need a .50 cal!

  • Butch

    No guns is good guns. GET RID OF THE GUNS AND AMMO, NOW!

  • mrJwaD

    Your ignorance of firearms destroys your credibility. Even a ten round magazine can be dropped out of the pistol and a new one inserted in less than two seconds. This does require practice and the development of skills reliable enough to be there in the highly adrenaline fueled moment of a gunfight.
    In fact one could make the case that smaller and lighter magazines are more lethal because you can carry more of them and manipulate them more efficiently.
    Even revolvers have speed loaders that enable the shooter to empty and reload a revolver in three to five seconds.
    Please educate yourself before pontificating on a subject you only have prejudice about as opposed to any real knowledge or skill.
    And remember, even a skilled knife wielding assassin can stab slice or cut many victims before being stopped.
    Once again an inanimate device is the focus instead of the harder and more complex issues of mental health, oppression of the poor and disenfranchised citizens, and enforcement of existing laws.

    • rack jite

      Well then there is no reason WHATSOEVER for 30 your clips. Thank you for agreeing.

      BTW, Two years at tow/three times a week as a range safety officer for all small arms weapons, who like most would shoot up the excess rather than do the paperwork of turning it in at the end of the day, which included M16, .45, 50 cal and M60, I would conservatively guess I have shot more than 100,000 rounds. And of course carrying a .45 everyday for 13 months. And a hunter for 40 years.