SNL Weekend Update, Al Franken vs Jeff Sessions, March 12 2017

SNL Weekend Update, Al Franken vs Jeff Sessions, March 12 2017In lieu of Sessions pending war on the poor by drug testing those on assistance here is a Rack Jite Blast from the past.

By admitting to the need of drug testing, we also admit that drugs do not affect the quality of one’s work. If someone is unproductive and drooling on the job, get rid of them, don’t suffer our society the indignity of exposing our genitals to strangers. And if drug use does not affect the work, it is no business of employers.

Stuck in a boring dead end job?

Want a career you can be proud of!

Want to meet new people in pleasant surroundings?

Have you no concept at all of the 4th Amendment?

Are you an out of work conservative Republican whose only skill is listening to Rush Limbaugh?

Do you enjoy looking at other people’s genitals?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions you are ready to join the thousands of Americans who have made something of themselves by becoming:

Urine Specialists!

Thousands of companies large and small, including every facet of local, state and federal government need people like you to watch other people pee! Not only do you get the satisfaction of watching strangers drop their pants or lift their skirts to fill a jar, but you get to walk around all day in rubber gloves with steaming beakers of phis!