SNL Weekend Update kicks Al Franken in the behind

SNL Weekend Update, kicks Al Franken in the behindGive Al Franken credit for a few things that neither the President nor Roy Moore can take credit for:

  1. He immediately apologized to the woman.
  2. He did call the woman a liar.
  3. He is not threatening to sue the woman.
  4. He did not blame the media.
  5. He did not make the obvious defense that there was NO TOUCHING OF BREASTS THROUGH 2 INCH THICK KEVLAR BODY ARMOR.
  6. He is taking his lumps quietly.

Has anyone noticed that in this recent round of accusations of sexual harassment there are no black guys in trouble? Why is that?  I suppose it is because of two things. First there are not that many black guys in positions of power, and secondly that black girls are either not squealers, are so used to it it doesn’t matter, or when black men try it they get knocked to the ground.