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SNL Weekend Update: Leslie Jones Crazy Bitches

We don’t know which of the Seven Dwarfs you men be bringing to the house.

Leslie Jones crazy witchesYou go girl!   I must say that the ladies know far more about various penis personalities than we men do. In fact before internet prom, I doubt men ever saw an erect one other than their own. And even then what we see is not much connected to reality.

I just heard that size does matter, but it’s mostly about the old Goldilocks story and Mom’s porridge.

Speaking of penis size… I was a Halloween baby which put me at the last day of the school age admittance thing. God also saw fit to deter my physical advancement about a year from average. So I was two years behind my class in… How should I say… pubic hair? This made middle school Hell for me what with having to take a group shower every day. And at that age when kids are the meanest to each other. I wonder if the girls are as mean about breast size in middle school?

I must say, as in most things, I did finally surpass my peers.

Do kids still have to get clothless in front of everyone of their own sex everyday? Or is that a thing of the past? Do they even have gym class anymore? Or have Republicans taken that away along with music and art?

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