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SNL Weekend Update, Pope Birds and Atlanta snow, Feb 1 2014

weekend update pope birdsSince I initiated Disqus on this website I have been out and about reading and posting more comments than I ever have before.  It seems Right-wing lunatics don’t have much to do other than scream and yell on websites about gungrabbers, libtards, dumbocrats, socialists, communists, and Obama the Kenyan Marxist Fascist.

The comments I read on an article about the Pope releasing two white doves from his balcony being attacked by a crow and a seagull to the horror of the children present pretty much tells the story of just how deeply sits the callous disregard Republicans have for anything nice, or kind, or pleasant or hopeful. The laughing, the joy, the exuberance and pleasure so many Republicans took in it shows their hand in all things.

In fact this kind of thing is one of the issues that shot Rush Limbaugh to national fame so many years ago. On a California beach school children released a sea lion they had found wounded, they spent a year to nurse it back to health and released it only to watch in horror as a shark killed it, children and adults in tears. Rush Limbaugh told the story while he sat on the applause and laugh button for minutes on end, the funniest thing he ever heard. As did 20 million of his Republican audience. It’s the nature of the Beast.

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