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SNL Weekend Update, Rob Ford & Eeyore, Nov 16 2013

weekend update rob fordAs a big A.A. Milne fan, Seth Meyers hit this one on the head with Eeyore. The GOP really is about sour old men screaming gloom and doom.

But their days are numbered for a new younger generation is taking over to push them of the cliff. Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Steve Stockman, Louie Golmert to name just a few. A new younger gang of sour old men screaming gloom and doom. As Eeyore would put it, fear works and love stinks.

Speaking of love. I must say my old younger self sure likes this Rob Ford dude. Though I am not a big fan of conservatives foreign or domestic, this guy has that something we all hate to admit we admire to some degree.

After blaming smoking crack on his many drunken stupors, telling the world how he munches down on his old lady, wearing a football jersey to the high profile city council questioning, refusing to step down or admit he has a problem, he instead sells bobble-head dolls of himself. What’s not to like about this guy. Do we all know some likeable character like this or is it just me? If I were to tax my memory I bet I could come up with a dozen or so. Well, after some taxing I found yes indeed I can rattle off a bunch names, most of him died before they were 55.

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