SNL Weekend Update, Trump bombs Syria

SNL Weekend Update, Trump bombs SyriaWe have been told not to take Donald Trump literally when he talks his crap. Like when he said he would ban Muslims, deport Mexicans or bomb the crap out people. Hello?

The Cruise Missile strike on one airfield in Syria cost us $60 million which is said to me more than the damage it caused. 51% of Americans support the bombing and 37% do not. Though 70% say it would not accomplish anything. Playing with the numbers I would guess that would be about 35% of Americans wanting to bomb the crap out of far away people just for the joy of it. The same 35% of Americans who are are ignorant dicks.

The larger underlying issue here is why President Obama drew the chemical warfare line in Syria and then backed off. It was because President Obama followed the law after he was told the Republicans in congress would not give him the votes for legal go ahead. Donald Trump is not held back by that kind of silly crap.