SNL Weekend Update with Seth Meyers, Janurary 19 2013, Manti Teo still believes Lance Armstrong

seth meyers manti teo

Some will not blame SNL this week for no mention of the Sandy Hook Massacre which has been the top news and top political story since SNL went on break 6 weeks ago. I am not one of them.

But I do understand the fear.  It’s not only the violent nature and threats from these KIND OF PEOPLE – last week an Oregon State legislator withdrew her gun safety bill because of death threats to her office and family. It is also about hearing that five people were shot by unloaded weapons at gun shows celebrating Gun Appreciation Day – which points to just how stupid these KIND OF PEOPLE really are. The mix of political extremism, threats of violence and absence of intellect is a scary mix indeed.  But come on SLN, man up.

Whenever the NRA or some individual starts singing the praises of military assault rifles and extended magazines, especially in the wake of the massacre of 20 six year old children, think of what kind of people they are. It’s Ted Nugent, it’s Tim McVeigh, it’s George Zimmerman, it’s Klebold, Harris and most of the people who do these shootings.