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Social Media Yelp for People, ‘Peeple’ – Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Social Media Yelp for People called 'Peeple' - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver checks out a new social media app called ‘Peeple’ – and finding it lacking,  improves upon it.  The woman pictured, is one of the creators of the new app which she and her partner feel is their ticket to riches,  because (according to the pair)  the world really needs it. The app is called ‘Peeple’ – “It’s like YELP – but for people, called Peeple!” Get it?  Yelp is never unfairly nasty – what could go wrong on a personal level? I’ve seen the pair, and they would sell their souls and our reputations to be able to quit their boring jobs and sip champagne from a cabin boy’s slipper.

The two entrepreneurs assure us that their app is completely new and not at all mean.  The sales pitch is amazing:  “We want to be given the opportunity to prove to you that the world is dominantly good, filled with people who want to love you and want to lift you up.”
John Oliver:  “I’m sorry. Have you ever BEEN on the internet?!”

The result is that you’ll be long gone, but the internet will always feature a one star ‘review’ by a former high school rival saying ‘she’s fat and pimply and does nasty things with all the boys.’   Thanks Peeple Ladies, God bless you!
Ironically, one of the Peeple entrepreneurs sent out an SOS this week, asking if there is a way to block people who were writing unpleasant things  on her Peeple Facebook page.                       John elaborates:”The creator of an app that would allow people to give one another unsolicited criticism, wanted to know how to block unsolicited criticism.”    

Anyway, John has two much better ideas than Peeple. The first is called “ScreamIntoTheVoid.com”  You go to the void, write in whatever nasty, horrible thing you must, then click – and it vanishes forever. You got it off of your chest, and Meryl Streep was none-the-wiser.

The next idea involves Mario Van Peebles. Load the ‘Peebles’ App and Mario Van Peebles  will give you a rating from one to five stars based upon his initial impression of your photo.
Either of John’s ideas is much better than the personal rating system the two entrepreneurial dingbats created, and they’re free,  so go – scream into the void,  and enjoy!