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Southern Cracker Chet Steeler says take your vote back and vote the right way this time

Southern cracker cracks me up

These guys are like gun ranges down here in Dumbutt, Texas, there are everywhere, no it really is not all that newsworthy. What made it so for me is the accent. Remember all the yelling and hollering about ebonics not so long ago? These days I guess HIP HOP has replaced EBONICS in the derogatory language attacks.  If African-Americans cannot talk so people can understand them or communicate intelligently, then  they are not going to get very far in education or employment.

But why does not the same hold true for the Southern drawl that is barely intelligible and makes such people seem even dumber than a WHAT BE DO homeboy?

In fact, if you ever listen to The Rush Limbaugh Program, or any of its thousands of offshoots including Fox News,  you cannot help but notice that you will never EVER hear anyone with a Southern drawl express conservative values on talk radio, or Fox News for that matter.  For even Rush and the entire Conservative Entertainment Complex knows that it reeks, drips and sweats of  such intellectual, regional and genetic stupidity that before any Southern talking heads are allowed on TV they have to first take a course in How not to Talk like a Moron.

Posted in Dumbutt,Texas