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Space Force needed to keep Canadians from smuggling our shoes into Canada

In his televised cabinet meeting yesterday President Buck Rogers noted that our enemy, Canada, was sending not their best people across our borders to buy shoes, scuff them up, put them on and smuggle them across the border!  Oh the humanity. While his entire cabinet sits there and nods as did the leaders for David Koresh in Waco and Jim Jones in Jonestown.

We just heard that Chief of Staff John Kelly has given up and now spends most of his days in the gym.

While stupid liberals look to Ivanka, Melania and Nikki Haley for help.  My God man, Haley just the other day took a crap on human rights by withdrawing from the UN commission on Human rights in the middle of Trump’s human rights violations at the border. Melania wears an I REALLY DON’T CARE jacket to the border and Ivanka has done nothing for anyone ever.

Are Canadians smuggling running shoes? -video


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