Stephen Colbert: Affirmative Action and the Emancipation Suggestion

emancipation suggestion abe lincolnIndeed, the way to give blacks equality and justice is to let white people volunteer to give it to them.

Republicans and Libertarians can cry and whine all the want about fairness, which in almost every other context they call either socialism or communism, absolute fairness is only necessary when it comes to giving Negroes a leg up.

There is no doubt AT ALL that putting and end to affirmative Action will mean less African-Americans going to college, going to graduate school, becoming lawyers, winning contracts, and curtailing their movement into the middle class. All in the name of absolute fairness.

So if Republicans are so consumed by fairness, how about we make AM RADIO fair. That for every hour of right-wing swill a radio station uses OUR AIR for, that an hour of Leftwing swill be required. It’s only fair. And it will not keep anyone from going to college or law school or get contracts or move on up.  Check GOP answers to this much more benign  FAIRNESS.  Communism, Marxism, socialism, NAZISM, totalitarian fascism and on and on.