Stephen Colbert and contractors estimate Trump’s wall to cost $945 billion

Stephen Colbert and contractors estimate Trump's wall to cost $945 billionFrom what Donald said on the campaign trail, that what he wants named “THE TRUMP WALL” will be higher than the 80 foot venue he was speaking in would for math purposes be 100 feet tall. That is of course true because The Donald would not lie.

The 2000 mile long wall would cost 500 billion in materials alone the rest would be labor and machinery and so forth coming to a trillion dollars. Money well spent! For after all, having no more lettuce, overgrown lawns, piling up garbage and dirty toilets is a small price to pay for keeping out illegal immigrants who have the lowest rape, violent crime and general crime rates in America. But you did see the six victims in the Trump Gallery in his Congressional speech! That kind of unqualified bigoted fear mongering is what makes not only America Great but the GOP a winner.

But hey, no where near the cost of the new tremendous travel ban which bans Muslims from the six countries that have never made a terrorist act here in America other than the Bowling Green Massacre.

And all of that is minimal compared to the overall plan of the new Era which is for Trump and Republicans to dismantle and destroy the Federal government to give all the power back to all the states, or perhaps no one at all. This time all states not just the confederate ones. Really. It is the plan.

LOCK HIM UP before it’s too late.