Stephen Colbert and Dolly Parton sing duet, Love is like a Butterfly

colbert and dolly parton duet

Why in the Hell did I tear up on this?  Gosh… Just because it was nice? I am one of those who tear up from good and happy not bad and sad. Happy endings are horrible for me.  Perhaps it is because in real life I experience so little of it. I seem to find it mostly on TV, at the movies and in books. Fiction.  I suppose I just need more guns in my life to man up.

  • Hopey Changey

    It takes a real man with a soul to be touched by beauty…And the rare glimpse of the real Stephen Colbert added to the special nature of this song. Thanks for posting it!

  • PacoPablo

    Don’t worry. You are all man. I teared up too. You could see Stephen was a fan and had a real crush on her it was very sweet.