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Stephen Colbert Diagrams Donald Trump’s response to Orlando

Stephen Colbert Diagrams Donald Trump's response to OrlandoGodwin’s Law aside [comparisons to Hitler lose the argument] the similarities between early 1930’s Adolf Hitler with the Jews and 2016 Donald Trump with the Muslims cannot be denied, nor the loud angry presentation of fear, hate and making the Fatherland Great Again, though it must be said Trump’s personality screams Benito Mussolini.

The Buffoon’s immediate response to the Orlando massacre was first about himself, I CALLED IT!

Secondly as the leader of the Obama is a Muslim / Birther Conspiracy movement Trump played that President Obama as involved in the massacre. The Washington Post who quoted him on it is no longer allowed anywhere near him or his spox.

Thirdly Trump said Hillary Clinton wants to destroy the 2nd amendment and take everyone’s guns away.

And last but not least, it’s all the fault of all Muslims in America and all Muslims everywhere. Damn! I almost forgot about the Mexicans.

This seems to even trump last week’s Mexican judge crap with even more Republicans speaking out and jumping ship. Well other than Chris Christie who was out on a run to buy Big Macs for his owner. You know, the biggest loser of the 2016 election cycle will be Chris Christie, The Donald will just go golfing while looking to buy a new and better immigrant wife.

It’s one major fopah a week now, with four more weeks to the convention in Cleveland so we must expect four more of these, each topping the one before.

The chances of Mitt replacing Donald as the nominee are increasing exponentially. ┬áBut even that is problematic for the RNC as the 10 million trump fans, who I bet are the same 10 million who own assault rifles, could stay home and not vote. That’s 10 less points for Mitt.

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