Stephen Colbert: Happy Go Lucky Charles Krauthammer doesn’t believe anything Michelle Obama says

Another happy go lucky Fox News pundit says he doesn’t buy one line of anything First Lady Michelle Obama had to say. Unlike Brit Hume who was spotted smiling in the Summer of 1982, Krauthammer has never been found with a smile.  I guess being an ugly little twat caught up with him back in his childhood. Sorry for the name calling, I meant to say, a REALLY ugly little twat. From the most watched cable news network, Fox News, with Brit Hume as the News Director. These guys reek of FAIR and BALANCE.

And Tammy Duckworth. Gosh… There is a kind attractive women who gave two legs and an part of an arm for her country. Republicans are up in arms (and legs) pouring money into her opponent’s congressional race in Illinois. Against one the most disgusting Tea Party mouths in America, Joe Walsh. Do a google on that guy!  Wowzer. A drunken cocaine addict millionaire who drives his Maserati at 185mph!

happy go lucky Charles krauthhammer