Stephen Colbert, Ivanka and her Daddy do North Dakota

Stephen Colbert, Ivanka and her Daddy do North DakotaOMG! A pretty girl in North Dakota! You have to give The Donald one thing, he has a finger on the pulse of what nitwits want to see and hear.

He also knows where to go and where not to go. North Dakota with a 27 point spread for Trump is one of the best places he can go. Along with Wyoming, Idaho, West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky all also close to a 30 point spread. You know, places where no one lives because everyone with a lick of sense left the Carl Jr’s parking lot long ago.

What Colbert hit the nail on the head with this one is that know nothing ignorance and stupid trumps nasty, mean and deplorable.

Gathering up the dumbest people in America is smart? I don’t know, preachers have been succeeding in that for a very long time. He just copied and secularized it some.