Stephen Colbert: Jack Welch, Obama Chicago Conspiracy fixed unemployment numbers

jack welch fox news conspiracy wonkWhat a Maroon… Who is that anyway, Elmer Fudd? Now we have the GOP country club Rhinos following The Donald Trump and stepping down to Republican Base politics.

This morning some new numbers came out.  Some national polls now have Romney ahead by 4 points when before the debate he was behind by 8 points. A 12 point debate bounce. And whose fault is that?

I was for Hillary before I was for Obama, FOR THIS VERY REASON.  Gravitas and the experience of knowing how to deal with the Right. Just like the GOP says about Iran, Republicans too respect a kick in the head rather than a polite rebuttel. In fact, if YOU don’t go vote, I’m coming to your house and give you a box on the ears myself.