Stephen Colbert: Jon Stewart takes Summer off to replace Hugo Chavez

jon stewart as hugo chavezHugo Chavez is dead. He is of course much hated here in America for giving us the proverbial finger often, and for often seen shaking hands with other nations who like giving us the finger. Something America in no way deserves. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT ASSHOLE.

Chavez should probably consider himself lucky he was not droned years ago.  New words.  Droned, Droning, Dronable. Should America be a DRONE FREE ZONE. You know what we don't hear about much? Bad guys getting drones. What then? What about anti drone drones?

Jon Stewart will be replaced by British personality Piers Morgan for the 8 week stint. Oops, got that wrong, British comedian John Oliver will replace Mr. Stewart for the Summer. Hopefully Mr. Oliver will be conducting the show with an AR15 /100 round drum to compensate for Piers Morgan and King George's control of the gun grabbing media each weekday evening.

This just in! Trace Adkins threatened to kick Piers Morgan's ass last night! Who the Hell is Trace Adkins you may ask. I have no idea. A dollar to a doughnut that whoever it is is wearing a cowboy hat.