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Stephen Colbert, Koch Brothers, Bill O’Reilly, McDonalds and Minimum Wage

oreilly minimum wageRacism and religious intolerance aside, here we have a look into the economic soul of the Republican party. One of the richest men in the world says $7 an hour is too much to pay for hard work. A multi millionaire Fox News pundit blames the poor for their poverty, while the leaders in retail and fast food, Walmart and McDonalds lead the fight against minimum wage.

The Houston Chronicle just did a big two day spread on the 4th COSTCO opening up down here. COSTCO, what is said to be the best retail business model in the land. Average wage is $20 an hour and they still make big profits and their stock keeps rising.  They have the best employee benefits and employee retention in the business.  They also still sell a big old hot dog and all the Pepsi you can drink for a buck and a half .

So why can’t Walmart and McDonalds do the same?  I suppose because there is no longer any community, it is ALL about not just profit, but maximum profit squeezed from the bottom.  Workers of the World Unite!

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