Stephen Colbert: Limbaugh, Krauthammer, Fox News Weather BONEHEADS

fox news weather

Hurricane Obama! He has control of all hurricane information, and just may be a hurricane himself.  Rush Limbaugh what a guy. And get this, 20 million people a week actually listen to his swill and believe him!  I am not lying. REALLY!  And how about that Charles Krauthammer! Democrats  can now tell if it is going to rain at least two months in advance and maybe even a year in advance! What an ugly little twat.  Can I say that? And get this, he is syndicated in hundreds of newspapers!  I am not lying, really.  Down here in Dumbutt with the Houston Chronicle it is a rotation of Krauthammer, George Will, and the very high intellect of Jonah Goldberg.  And the balanced Fox News spin is that the 65,000 Obama workers with tickets dying to get in the stadium do not exist. They didn’t close it for the rain they knew about 2 or more months ago, but  because no one would show up! If Republicans were not pathological liars, they wouldn’t exist.