Stephen Colbert makes a fool of HUD Secretary Ben Carson

Stephen Colbert makes a fool of HUD Secretary Ben CarsonCalling slaves immigrants, wasting time operating on old people, the alert that we all have brains and that the pyramids were full of Cheerios aside, there is also the question of whether late night hosts should be mocking the retarded. Keep in mind that what you see here is not a campaign speech or a paid presentation to some set of evangelical Christians, but our new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development first address.

We can even take all the silly content out of what this silly man has to say and just pay attention to the themes, the rhythm and the body language of any of his speeches to know something is very very wrong with this person.

So how does a neurosurgeon become so cringeworthy stupid? Jesus kills more brains cells than all drugs combined. Take it to the bank.

7th Day Adventists are not your normal talking snakes and living in fish religions, but one based upon the hope and dream that every man woman and child will be killed next Thursday.  Let me run that one by again, that 7.4 billion people will be killed by God and his accomplice Jesus to the pants wetting joy of these people. Also keep in mind that most evangelical Christians also hope, pray and believe that God and Jesus will kill everyone in their lifetime. Far better we all die  than having smartypants Hillary Clinton as President.

Sure God, by himself, did commit genocide on the human race once before, but the amount of people he murdered is in question. The first estimate that comes up in Google “flood population” search is 10 trillion. This includes the fact that people back then lived to about 800 years.

How Many Died in Noah’s Flood?

Seems a bit high to me. But as you scroll down the Google list on the front page we find the average estimate is about 10 billion, more than the population today. So when Ben Carson, 7th Day Adventists and most Evangelical Christians hoping for next week’s human genocide, even with the help of Jesus it will not top what God accomplished on his own. So let’s hear it for Jesus!

BTW, if you Google “population 3000bc” it comes to about 25 million. Much lower but as far as genocides go, God still beat Hitler.