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Stephen Colbert makes a fool of Fox News Bill O’Reilly again

We are the leader of the free world so we need to vote for whoever Iran wants.

Bill Oreilly no woman presidentsThe logic behind not only the above silliness, but to every point Bill O’Reilly makes against a woman president goes beyond the absurd. In fact there are two REPUBLICAN words that put all of O’Reilly’s points in the crapper. Margaret. Thatcher. Who Republicans define as the greatest leader of our generation. Well other than Ronald Reagan who taught us all to hate our own government so much we all need several assault rifles to do away with it.

But it was Bill’s last blast against a woman president that topped the irrational Fox News cake. That a woman president will be bad for us because China and Russian will test her the same as they tested Obama when he became President.  Wow…

Remember Bill O’Reilly at 64 a kid speaking down to his audience that has an average age of 68+. Which is also the average age of all Fox News viewers. And when you think of the all the people you know who are in their 40s and 50s who are Fox News addicts, it means to get to that average at the 68+  there must be  millions of Fox News viewers who are in their 80s and 90s. The Greatest Generation who still have not liking for Coloreds and Fairies. 60% Seniors voted against President Obama.

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