Stephen Colbert: Mike Huckabee announces Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day!


Mike Huckabee is Gomer PyleMike Huckabee, America’s most well known Christian and Arkansas yokel has been authorized by his Fox News employer to announce that August 1st will hence forth be known as Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day! The second most well known Christian in America, Rick Santorum has also jumped on board. [Santorum is not yet an employee of Fox News.]

I suppose I can understand the abject ignorance, intolerance and bigotry of American Christians, it’s their pride in it that passes me by.

The intolerance and bigotry go without saying, but it took Stephen Colbert to hit on yet another example of the ignorance inherent in these KIND of people.  Thinking they could play facebook like they did without getting caught. But… You see?  Those people are too thick to understand that. It is the great flaw that will one day put them out of business. And business it is, based completely upon the premise that…

If it’s real to you it’s money to us!

The problem they face is that though American’s are not the smartest people around, they are a lot smarter than these people think they are. It’s that old problem of ever more folding into the fold. Soon they cannot even communicate in the same language with those outside the fold. And remember, fold it once 2, fold it twice 4, fold it again 16, 32,64 until they reach the plateau of GIGAGOMER.