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Stephen Colbert: NRA pushing state sovereignty, nullification and confederacy to thwart gun control

cold dead handsGun enthusiasts seceding in Texas, claiming state sovereignty and nullification in  the Hollers and Backwaters of America. Who knew an assault rifle with a 100 drum was needed for opossums? WHO KNEW?  What is needed to keep our freedom to shoot as many 6 year olds as we can in the least amount of time is to follow the lead of how the South dealt with holding on to slavery, holding on to Jim Crow, you know stepping up to the bar to do the right thing.


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Part 2

Gun enthusiasts like Kebold, Harris, Loughner, Holmes, Lanza,  LaPierre and Nugent love their guns and their high capacity magazines! And who can blame them? What could possibly be more fun than spending ones spare time  blowing the crap out of things?  Especially things that bleed. Grade school kids bleed a lot and are easy targets. Remember to always play the NRA game by never shooting at anything that can shoot back. That is what bravery is all about! I know someone who grows orchids instead. What a loser…  I should find out if he is a real American and if not start a petition to have the wussy deported!

The Southern and Western Mountain states are not going to allow this gun grab to go on. So I say, instead, why – just for the fun of it – don’t we just dig up Charlton Heston and pry that gun from his cold dead hands?

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