Stephen Colbert: Paul Ryan 3 minute marathon is a lie, Paul Ryan is a Liar

Runners World Magazine finds Paul Ryan has only run ONE marathon and ran it in 4 hours, NOT UNDER 3 HOURS. Which makes him a braggart and a liar. Of course the media cannot use either of those words or they will lose audience and advertizing to Fox News.  So it’s just a mistake. And this is just one of  at least 5 lies in the news.

With Smartphones and Facebook, blogs like this are falling to the wayside by the thousands.  I read that those between 18 and 30 are spending 6 to 8 hours a day on Facebook. Smartphone users hate and despise advertising, which is the main reason Facebook shares are in the tank. What is happening to small websites like this is less people clicking ads finds the cost of domains and hosting now costing more than what they take in. And that will soon be the end of the little guy on the internet. Like in all things I suppose…

The rate of technological change is moving so fast it won’t be long until the entire internet will be owned and operated by half a dozen Viacoms, Warners  and Comcasts… Who have the money and power to force advertising into their content.

So we have to get the truth out while we still can.  PAUL RYAN IS A  LIAR.

paul ryan is a liar