Stephen Colbert: Right wing Pastor Jim Garlow of Skyline Church makes the case, TAX THE CHURCH!

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e-tax-the-church/tr103church/” rel=”attachment wp-att-38498″>TAX THE CHURCHWant to solve the deficit? TAX ALL CHURCHES at CORPORATE rates. After all, if a corporation is a PERSON then so is a church.

In Germany, which is said to be the most well run and stable economy in the world, they have a payroll tax of about 8% for anyone who declares they are a member of a church. The money goes to that church so there is no religious money-grubbing that Jesus loved so well.

Be sure to understand that Jim Garlow is no middle of the road sweetheart. He is this nation’s top organizer of moving Right-wing issues through the pulpit of WHITE churches. He was also the most well known California pastor pushing for Prop 8 anti gay marriage law. His point is to organize churches who pay no taxes to conservative causes, and to bait the IRS into action to get more press for this NO FREEDOM OF RELIGION in America CRAP, that was recently started by a group of single old men who like little boys more than they like grown women. TAX THE CHURCH! But I suppose if we taxed the church then we would have to tax Bigfoot, UFOs, and Ghosts.