Stephen Colbert: Romney backs Richard Mourdock who says God Intends for Women to be raped

GOP days without rape mentionedIndiana Tea Party darling and Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said what he said. God intended to have women impregnated by rapists.  Which is at odds with Missouri Tea Party darling Senate candidate Todd Akin who said God does not allow women to get pregnant from being raped.

God also says that old men who start fires on the Sabbath to cook a chicken shall be summarily and quickly stoned to death by an angry crowd. But the best from God is that when preemptively invading another nation or people, it is his demand that all crops be burnt, all animals, men, women and children be slaughtered except the virgin girls who will be taken and used as sex slaves.What a guy that God is hey?  He just makes me wanna fall to my knees and kiss his ass. And now he is behind raping women! Perhaps we should track him down and nail him to a tree?

The problem with America’s refusal to join the civilized world is too much capitalism and way too much religion. Both of which have become irrational since the rise of the Tea Party. My God, look at the Republican Primaries! A circus of evil clowns.

I have an idea! How about we spend about 10% of our money on religion and some part of one day a week?