Stephen Colbert, Trumpcare , Paul Ryan and the camera in your microwave

Stephen Colbert, Trumpcare , Paul Ryan and the camera in your microwaveThe GOP health care plan is popular with everyone except doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, patients, seniors, Democrats, Republicans, mortals and Sarah Palin.

Palin Slams Obamacare Replacement Plan As ‘RINO-Care’

Good read at that link! Spend some time clicking around Western Journalism! It’s like The Onion only funnier.

So the CBO came out to say the Republican healthcare plan will throw 14 million people out of health insurance in the first year with a million losing it every year from then on, all while giving the richest 2% $380 billion in tax breaks.

For Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Western Journalism, the Freedom Caucus, talk radio and Fox News that is just not a hard enough kick in the pants to rural white people. Taking away more coverage, more benefits to give away to everyone we just mentioned about so they can get much larger tax cuts on the back of their constituents. Question is whether that is worse for them than Trump shooting someone on 5th Avenue? Could be…

I guess the Donald Trump and the GOP have had such electoral success in smacking down immigrants, foreigners, Muslims, smartypants suit women and the celebration of political incorrectness [bigotry and racism] that they forgot it is not just African Americans and Mexicans in need of assistance but most of their own rural constituents. They may soon find that out though!