Stephen Colbert, White Supremacists name Papa John’s their official pizza!

Stephen Colbert, White Supremacists name Papa John's their official pizza!Hey Mr Schnatter, what goes around comes around.

This story most always leaves out the name of Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter, who is a loud Trump supporting Right-wing a whole. Seems his drop in sales will be dropping further with no African American ever again getting anywhere close to a Papa John’s pizza. And now after Schnatter condemning the White Supremacists, no racists will buy it either.

So who does buy Papa John’s pizza, or Pizza hut, or Domino’s, or Little Ceaser’s for that matter?  Broke high school kids, college students, women on a diet and parents having birthday parties?  Always get you pizza from a local pizzeria

This guy could have been the star of DO THE RIGHT THING rather than Danny Aielo. 

We once went through this with the owner of Domino’s who was a loud rabid Pro Lifer.  Same with Home Depot.  Both realized politics hurt the bottom line. Of course not so with Chic Fil A or Hobby Lobby which now serve up the bigotry and intolerance to increase profit. Or so they say.