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Stephen Colbert with his Donald Trump conspiracy board

Stephen Colbert with his Donald Trump conspiracy board“I am going out on a limb here can assume CBS blurred out some or all of this image, but I can assure you that like a rear view mirror, objects on this chalkboard are smaller than they appear.” Stephen Colbert being mean to the soon HUGE loser Donald Trump, who will fade into oblivion because both The Donald and his followers don’t like losers. Or fat women. Or smart people. Or Mexicans, Muslims, African Americans, the media, Democrats, Liberals foreigners and Canadians. Friggin’ leaf people…

81% of Trump supporters believe that this election is rigged. Which covers the same territory that the birther movement was intended to do [also led by Donald Trump] was to delegitimize President Obama and now to delegitimize the coming presidency of Hillary Clinton.

And this is not just about the media the hate so much, but rigged at the polling places. By African Americans and immigrants.  81% of them believe that swill. As the majority of Trumpers also believe evolution is a lie, global warming is a hoax, President Obama was not born in America, Donald Trump is honest and trustworthy and on and on with the dumbest damn stupidass things you can imagine. Inforwars, Breitbart, Drudge, Fox, Limbaugh and the National Enquirer are their sources for fair and balance in the media.

Before I go on let’s go over a few polls. Trumpers are about 98% white. Trumpers lead is over Hillary 4-to-1 among white men with less than a college degree, 76 percent to 19 percent. Clinton’s advantage with college-educated women is 64 percent to 31 percent. Which makes them stupid.  Someone should write a book about stupid white people…

You know what political correctness is? Anyone? It’s a political meme to define liberals and Democrats as finger in your face Nazis which for a generation has worked better for Republicans than they ever imagined. It is the single issue that has moved more white working class voters from the DNC to the RNC.

Political incorrectness is easier to define, it is nothing more than white Republicans proudly owning and celebrating their bigotry directed at millions if not billions of people.

So with that said with  Trump supporters celebrating not only Donald Trump’s political incorrectness but their own as well, makes them white misogynist bigots AND  stupid.

So taking into account how much these people for a generation have screamed and screeched about how much they hate and despise political correctness, they have no problem with being called stupid bigots. Right?  I have joined their ranks as proudly politically incorrect. Right?

Gosh… Twenty some years ago I called this website CONSERVATIVELY INCORRECT but sadly it went so far over EVERYONE’S head I had to change it. Mostly because the GOP realized that “hypocrisy” was no longer an issue they had to address as their base could care less about it, yet alone spell it or know what it means.

But woe be unto me! For this kind of stuff will cause these people to not vote for Hillary, and then be mean to her after she becomes president. So I apologize.

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