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Stephen Colbert: Wyoming Senator Bruce Burns for Firing squads

If we are cruel often enough it will not seem unusual.

bruce burns firing squadMost always those politicians screaming for the death penalty or making it more horrific in some manner are outspoken followers of Jesus Christ. Remember, as Jesus Christ himself said while being horrifically executed, “Father! Kill them, every one of the bastards!” And he did and has.

In this case Wyoming Republican state Senator Bruce Burns who is advocating firing squads is also a big backer pushing medical marijuana for Wyoming. Perhaps a better idea would be to bong people to death. Though marijuana has never killed anyone, smashing a big badass bong over their head a few hundred times could do the job. Maybe even hire Tommy Chong to do the honors.

But it is good to know that Wyoming wants to join the other great nations of the world who still use the firing squad: China, Iran, North Korea, Iraq, Cuba, Belarus and Utah.

One last question.  If firing squads were to be chosen by volunteers, which group do you think would top the list of volunteers?

1) Christians
2) White Republicans
3) NRA members
4) Rural Americans
5) Tea Party members

And there you go. Its all about THE KIND of people they are. Deep down.

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