Stereotyping the States Stereotyping the States

Ending with my home state of Wisconsin… where… It is too cold to be sober!  Doanyaknow….

Wisconsin has been through many transitions.  It is where the Republican Party was founded. It then became the most progressive state under the leadership of LaFollet. It then transitioned to become the Dairy-land State. In the 50s and 60′s Wisconsin was the beer capital of the world! The smell of brewery yeast covered the city of Milwaukee. As other states surpassed it in milk production Wisconsin narrowed it down to just the cheese. Over the last generation Wisconsin had moved from a liberal state, to a swing state and now a Right-wing nutjob state.  But go easy, Wisconsin is a rural state, a solid deep red except in the centers of Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha and Racine.  And like all rural areas, the people living there do more drinking than thinking. Oh and two last words…

  • Newscat

    He CAN see seasonal affective disorder from Alaska, if he’s looking south toward Washington state! ; )