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Stump the Trumper, Election Rigging with Samantha Bee

Stump the Trumper, Election Rigging with Samantha BeeThank you Sam Bee for making a fool of that guy with a NRA shirt. Unable to follow the logic that if The Donald is now claiming the election is rigged, it must mean he must believe he will lose. This is part of that “intellectual hurdle” that comes up time and time again with the deplorably stupid Trump supporters.

Then the next guy says it’s rigged for Hillary but The Donald will win in a landslide, which he agrees is like saying any women who won’t date him is a lesbian.

Next we have Tattoo man who blames the media not exposing Hillary’s Benghazi and Email issues, but when asked how he knows about those things he says it’s in the news.

Then the lady who believes it is rigged because everyone she knows personally, on Facebook, on Snapchat, and on Twitter are all for Trump. Thank the Lord the interviewer did not bring up big confusing words like “anecdotal” or “parochial.”

You see how the intellectual hurdle thing works? Not wanting to give the NRA goon too much credit, but he did better than the rest by crawling under the intellectual hurdle [with silence] rather than the others who chose to open their mouths, knock it over and slide face down in the dirt for a few yards.

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