STUPIDEST STATE award Moves from Florida to Texas

“Stupidest state?” Letter to the editor Houston Chronicle

I JUST read about the University of Texas poll that says that 23 percent of Texans amazingly still believe that Obama is a Muslim. I laughed and laughed. I live in Flori-DUH. We formerly carried the title of stupidest state. On behalf of all Floridians, we are relieved to now hand that title to Texas, home of George Bush and Tom DeLay. You can even take our former motto, and use it as your own: “Texas — Stuck On Stupid.” You may want to use another one: “Texans — Dumb As Dirt.”

Thank you Texas. Flori-DUH is no longer the dumbest of the dumb.

BILL NATHANSON Coral Springs, Fla.

  • Newscat

    Congratulations Florida! My deepest sympathies RJ. ;)

    I’m afraid stupid isn’t regional entirely.
    Now, there is the opinion that Muslim equals evil. I passed a Muslim woman on the street this week who kept her eyes down and had a look of terror on her face.
    I hate to think what has probably been hurled at her from passers-by.