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Super Bowl Spin, Republicans lose 43 to 8

payton manning bad start

“I hope Seattle beats the pants off the Broncos 50 to nothing!” Rack Jite – 12:45pm February 2, 2014 after finding out how conservative, Republican and corporate the Denver Broncos organization was.

Being a die hard Green Bay Packer fan I was not much engaged in the playoffs or have a favorite team to win the Superbowl. Well until Fox News and talk radio went ballistic on that thug of a black man with dreadlocks, Richard Sherman. Who responded to a hand shake with a slap in the face at the end the game?

There was some comeuppance in all that as Richard Sherman got support from some of his most respected sports idols like Lebron James, Charles Barkley and Hank Aaron. That event was enough to make Seattle Seahawk fan of me. And of course the underdog kid quarterback up against the old stuffy top quarterback in the league.

Then came the coup de grace. I watch Fox News Sunday each week to get my dose of Right-wing swill to go along with my daily suffering through loudmouth Republican Joe Scarborough every morning. This week Fox News Sunday was all about the Super Bowl which airs on Fox.

After hearing all the bonafides of what a great and grand conservative Republican Fox News sports announcer Troy Aikman is, Chris Wallace moved on to the conservative Republican bonafides of Bronco’s general manager John Elway. That got me doing some late morning Googling to find that the NFL donates 70% of their political money to Republicans as do the Broncos, with Seattle paying even up. I also found that Payton Manning is a big backer of Republicans back in his home state of Tennessee.

Guess which team spends over 10 times as much money backing Republicans than any other team? Close but no cigar! It is not the Dallas Cowboys, it’s the Houston Texans. Worst team in the NFL. Hear here!

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