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Support Gil for President, he needs a huge donor

Support Gil for President for a huge doner The running gag of Gil’s needing to get a big doner aside, this ad presents not only the corruption the money brings to our elections but the the art of pandering to the voters as well.

The first issue can be settled quite easily, rescind Citizen’s United adding that no person seeking elected office can spend one cent on television advertising. A great boon to more debates, button and yard sign makers, the post office, radio, sky writing and doorbells.

As to the second issue of pandering to voters by telling them what they want to hear no one is better than that than Donald Trump.

My wife has become addicted to HGTV causing me to share my days with contractors and sub contractors over the Summer. It is also fishing season and I often spend time docked to a bait and beer camps around Galveston Bay.  Pundits say that the attraction to Donald is his fight against political correctness or making better deals with all those nasty foreigners, but that is not it. Though anecdotal, every Trump fan I spoke to over the summer has said the same thing.

“Trump has his flaws and I don’t agree with everything he says, but he is right about the friggin Mexicans.”

And if you think it matters one wit to any of them whether the Mexicans have a green card or are a citizen, you aren’t from around here.

Every problem a white person faces here Texas can be attributed to Barrack Obama or Mexicans.

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